They said about us…

Sandra Lovrić Lončarić, Gisdata Ltd., Quality/HR Manager:

“I impatiently waited for the beginning of SELECTIO HR Academy, since in Croatia we feel the lack of systematic and comprehensive training for Human Resources Management, while at the same time, the function of HR professionals has gotten even greater significance in a large number of companies.

Program “SELECTIO HR Academy” is modern conceptualized and comprehensive with the content that corresponds to demands of all who are in any way involved in the management of human resources.

The academy program, which consists of lectures, discussion, group work, applications to case studies, tests, homework, etc. makes an excellent combination of modern and traditional methods of learning that guarantee knowledge gain. Moreover, comprehensive and high quality materials and rich additional literature that is available throughout the academy significantly contribute to acquiring new knowledge.

Lecturers at SELECTIO HR Academy were previously known to me as excellent professionals, and on this occasion I am particularly delighted by an enthusiasm towards the profession and SELECTIO HR Academy project. I am sure that SELECTIO HR Academy will fulfill all attendants’ expectations and will educate a lot of generations of HR professionals.”

Vlasta Krupa Buzjak, KRAŠ food industry Inc., Director of Personnel, General and Legal Affairs:

“Human Resources Management is a complex area and that from me and of my associates, managers in the company, requires constant knowledge upgrade and exchange of experiences. While I work more than a decade in human resources and a lot of education I have in the field of modern concepts and procedures applied in the management Human Resources, I am aware that in this category I may have a lot to learn. I chose SELECTIO HR Academy primarily because of the pronounced practical orientation and comprehensive program. I very much appreciate that the program respects the diversity of experiences of all attendants and provides an overview of different theoretical concepts without advocating some. This gives the program uniqueness and also guidance on “best practice” solutions.”

Sanja Šijanec, MEGGLE Croatia Ltd., Head of Human Resource Development and Public Relations:

“After we have been setting up the human resources department over the past year and a half intensively, every day I have felt more and more the need for basic knowledge, theory. Although I have attended many seminars, read a lot – it just was not enough. But actually I wanted to get the most I could for invested time and money, more than one specialized programs can deliver. That is why I chose SELECTIO.

Although only one module has been held, I am extremely pleased with the concrete work, excellent examples and very useful workshop. Two days a month to stay in training is exactly so, how much of my time I can separate, and that is not too much, while the time for writing tasks can be divided into week or two, so that it does not obstruct too much of my business commitments, but also to successfully repeat and strengthen the acquired knowledge. Therefore enough time remains for private satisfaction…

Great advantage of SELECTIO HR Academy is a diverse but an expert group, which is very important, because problems are definitely easier to consider with the experienced and professional people, which in turn brings new knowledge, regardless of the education program. I can say that from this education I have expected only quality theory, but I have also received a large part of practice. In our work that is called – added value product.”

Tajana Riley, Tango komunikacije Ltd., Head of Human Resources:

“In the first place, as attendee of the new program SELECTIO HR Academy I want to look at the competence and experience of all lecturers from which, for each new module, I enjoy to learn as much as possible. The program is designed so that each participant has the opportunity to expand his/her knowledge “by extent “, but the most important aspects of the program are well covered in the lectures. From the beginning of the program I can apply gained knowledge in practice. This means a lot to me and my team. Organization and method of work are excellent, and the way in which they have treated us as attendees is the right way that we as future HR experts should also devote our attention to our most important capital – human.”