SELECTIO HR Academy learning methodology

Course programme is organized so that through intense, practical and interactive approach enables as much hands-on as possible implementation of learned content into the everyday practice. Contents are adjusted to course takers, based on discussion about actual practices and comparison of personal experiences from different surroundings, and every theoretical or practical thesis is confirmed further through solving team or individual practical exercises.

Before enrolling at the Academy, candidates fill up an orientation questionnaire. The purpose of the orientation questionnaire is to form groups according to experience, knowledge and concrete needs of the programme course takers.

Each subject will be covered in a lecture with theoretical background and application in practice, held by experienced lecturers. Human Resources management in practice is represented by a system of various theories that build upon and supplement each other depending on the type, dimension and developmental moment of the environment in which it is taking place. Experienced Human Resources specialist knows and can evaluate when a certain theory or practice can be useful, and when it is necessary to change or supplement it.

Valuable follow-up to lectures is homework that includes group and individual practical work. Practical work includes doing homework on selected subjects (according to curriculum), reading recent literature, preparation of presentations, papers, and preparation for class.

For their work related to the Academy programme, course takers are welcome to use SELECTIO Group’s library.

Each course taker will attend a number of tutorials. They are planned to provide each course taker a maximally individualised approach to the course, and in that way provide the best conditions for his/her personal development. Also, through individual approach and coaching, the course takers have an opportunity to optimally use and apply gained knowledge in their business environment.

During the programme, every course taker can turn to his/her mentor. Course takers’ coordinator will be at your disposal every working day for any administrative information.

Attendance and success are recorded in Course taker’s matriculation book. Upon completion of the programme, every course taker receives a certificate of completed programme “SELECTIO HR Academy”.