Today’s best companies know how to achieve their goals in a dynamic, ever-changing environment. For that they need personnel that understand business, are aware of the global environment and are motivated to achieve excellence.

Human Resources Management knowhow is based on a practical set of competencies, information and tools necessary to ensure the execution of all business activities. In recent years, Human Resources Management function is offered, singled out and asserted as an important business partner. A greater strategic contribution in attracting, managing and rewarding talent is expected of Human Resources Management.

Human Resources Management experts are today called upon to show their knowledge and ability to face these challenges.

Programme “SELECTIO HR Academy” offers a wide range of practical, basic and specialist, knowledge that addresses the following questions:

  • How can the HR function contribute to business?
  • How can the HR function increase its efficiency and effectiveness?
  • What “personnel” areas are HR function’s territories, and which ones are parts of the entire Management’s task?
  • Besides the traditional “personnel” territories, what new areas are in potential jurisdiction of contemporary HR?
  • Which processes can be standardised and automated, and how?

Why attend “SELECTIO HR Academy” programme?

  • It is oriented towards practice
  • Participation of experts with proven results in practice
  • Presentation of examples from our surroundings
  • Introduction and usage of tools used in work environment
  • Independent, individual and group work
  • Comprehensive overview of Human Resources Management function
  • Networking with colleagues from the field, exchange of experiences
  • Critical analysis of various methods and techniques, and analysis of their usefulness in actual work environments of the Academy course takers.

Programme is devised to achieve double effectiveness

  • Attending tuition according to the course calendar
  • Independent work at home
  • Group activities
  • Individual consultations.

Programme of study is a combination of lectures and exercises, in that way efficiently covering all levels of course takers’ activities.

Exercises are designed to encourage course takers’ active participation in individual work, as well as in interaction and cooperation with other course takers.