HRDaysSELECTIO has started the tradition of holding conferences about human resource management, in 2002, when the first conference about HRM was held in Zagreb – Human Resource Management Arena. Since then, the conference is held regularly each year gathering till now much more than a thousand participants. By upgrading the concept and expanding the field of expertise, from year 2013, together with the leading job portal MojPosao it initiated organization of a new conference about human resource management – HR Days.

As a patron sponsoring the programme and expert topics, SELECTIO tries to gather local and international experts/lecturers, to speak about current topics in various areas of human resources, to present the best practices, as well as news and ideas from local and foreign companies in the context of the times and economic happenings. It also provides an insight into the current events within the community of human resources experts in Croatia, the region and world and enables knowledge exchange among colleagues. Apart from the useful content (lectures) and obtaining new information, one of the main advantages of the conference is expanding a network of acquaintances through formal and informal social gatherings, learning and professional training. Excellently presented topics from different areas of human resources and professional speakers positioned it as the leading conference about human resource management in the region.

For whom is HR Days conference intended

Human Resource Management conference, HR Days, as an interactive platform informs, educates and connects all participants. It is intended to people who are directly or indirectly related to the management of human resources, primarily to:

  • Presidents and members of the Boards
  • Human Resources Directors
  • Experts in charge of mergers and acquisitions
  • Experts in charge of strategy and development
  • Leaders in public administration at state, regional and local level
  • People involved in human resource management in companies and public administration
  • Companies engaged in recruiting and analysis of human resources
  • Consultancy companies
  • ICT companies offering solutions in the field of human resource management
  • Companies engaged in education for the purposes of business organizations and public administration
  • Market research agencies

as well as to all those interested in the area of human resource management.