Ciklopea speaks the language of excellence!

Ciklopea, a company specialized in translation and localization services for over 30 languages, has been awarded the SELECTIO’s Certificate Employer Partner for the fifth time in a row. In the assessment of the human resources management processes, Ciklopea achieved 85% of the total possible number of points and thus showed that, when it comes to human resources management, they successfully speak the language of HR excellence as well.

A tripartite team of experts evaluating 45 human resources management processes at Ciklopea noted that Ciklopea particularly stood out with their quality employment plan and recruitment and selection process that ends with a well-developed process of employee onboarding and ensures that working in Ciklopea is a positive experience from the very beginning for all employees.

In addition, Ciklopea is lauded for its well-developed performance management system and its linkage to the reward system as well as for a well-established career advancement and career development system. As the industry in which they operate is very dynamic, Ciklopea especially cares for ensuring the availability and variety of education for their employees, and therefore, in the area of Training and Development, they stood out with the size of investment in the development of their employees.

Ciklopea also recognizes the importance of providing support to young people who are just entering the labor market and therefore cooperates with the academic community and students of languages and organizes Summer School for Young People without Work Experience, that is free for the participants, which are introduced to the meeting specific market queries and educated for work using the examples of Ciklopea’s current projects.

Sara Demiri, Human Resources Manager at Ciklopea, accepted the Certificate Employer Partner from Aleksandar Zemunić, Member of the Management Board of SELECTIO.

We are extremely proud to have once again proven that Ciklopea holds the title of a champion when it comes to excellence in managing human potentials. During the year, we worked hard on several development projects with a strong focus on corporate culture and employee satisfaction. Corporate culture is very important, and you cannot prescribe it with any process or procedure, so work on such projects is extremely interesting and challenging. I am convinced that nothing we do is as important as the development, progress and employee satisfaction. Ultimately, we put hope in people, not strategies “ said Sara Demiri, Human Resources Manager at Ciklopea.

Ciklopea celebrated sweet fifteen years of successful business this year, and despite the many acknowledgments we got, I have to admit that the Certificate Employer Partner is still one of the ones we are the proudest of. Our human resources management processes are more and more developed year after year, all in line with the market and industry requirements. We are happy to improve our processes in the future and strive for excellence, as we have done so far“, noted Sandra Boljkovac Stojak, Founder & CEO at Ciklopea.