Central Finance and Contracting Agency the only Croatian government agency with the Employer Partner certificate

The Employer Partner certificate was awarded to the Central Finance and Contracting Agency for the first time. The CFCA has thus become the only government agency to hold this prestigious certificate and can serve as an example of excellence in the employee management segment to the other public sector organizations.

Tomislav Petric, Director of the CFCA, and Tifani Šimunović Boban, HRM Director, received the Employer Partner certificate from Aleksandar Zemunić, Member of the Management Board at SELECTIO.

The Employer Partner certificate represents the successful valorization of our efforts when it comes to human resources, and all that the CFCA cherishes in its core values ​​when it comes to our employees. We are aware that our employees are meritorious for successfully contracted and realized valuable financial projects. Their responsibility and approach to business make the CFCA’s business success and therefore we strive, within our means, to facilitate their professional engagement and harmonize it with their family life.

More than 10 years of systematic work on human resources development at CFCA is behind this achievement. We have shown that even in public services, that have certain norms and rules that the public administration system prescribes, one can work on developmental projects, on digitalization of processes and generally on creating a comfortable working climate. We are extremely proud of our great program of in-house trainings conducted by our experienced experts for their colleagues, as well as of the various human resources projects we have conducted so far. Certainly, one of the most important ones was the digitalization of applications for job openings, which allows candidates to apply online with no extra costs and speeds up the selection process, making us also the first among public services with such a system“, said Tomislav Petric, Director of the CFCA.

During the certification process, the CFCA demonstrated good organization and positioning of the human resources function, and the highest marks were achieved in the area related to recruitment and selection, thanks, first of all, to the quality monitoring of the recruitment and selection processes, supported by written procedures and instructions and the transparency of the overall employment process. The CFCA was also commended for its quality competency system and its excellent employee relations practices and above-average investment in education and training, for which the CFCA uses, with maximal efficiency, the earmarked funds from the Operational Programme “Competitiveness and Cohesion”.

For example, all employees are given the opportunity to use sliding working hours to help them maintain a balance between their private and business life, and the organization also cares for employee health, encouraging them, among other things, to participate in sports activities for which the CFCA covers participation costs. On average, CFCA organizes corporate volunteering twice a year, as part of which the employees have so far volunteered for child and youth care organizations, for organizations that care for abandoned animals, and for nursing homes. Also, every year, during the Christmas period, a humanitarian action is organized in which all employees participate, which is a way for the CFCA to contribute to the well-being of the community within which it operates.

Current holders of the Employer Partner certificate