CEMEX Hrvatska once again demonstrated care for well-being and safety of their employees

CEMEX Hrvatska once again received the Employer Partner certificate, a prestigious certificate for excellence in human resources management from SELECTIO. They have been certifying their HR processes since 2008, and they went through recertification again this year, which included an in-depth analysis of their HR practices. They reaffirmed the enviable level of care for their employees and continued with a number of initiatives aimed at their satisfaction and development.

CEMEX once again achieved very high marks in all evaluated areas, primarily thanks to the well-organized human resource management function and the focus they have on strategic planning. Also, the company has well-developed employee care programs and finds employee suggestions, that resulted in many quality initiatives, to be very important. With the aim of continuous development and starting new initiatives, a new corporate project “CEMEX Smart Innovation” was launched in 2019. Through that, the company encourages transformational ideas that will help them think differently about the challenges facing the industry and their opportunities. Also, the Program for rewarding exceptional results was implemented last year, which aims to develop excellence and build a culture of standing out and rewarding quality employees.

Furthermore, CEMEX achieved exceptionally high grades this year in the field of employee training and development. The company not only develops employees through education and workshops, but also offers seminars, conferences, postgraduate training, management schools as well as foreign language and IT courses. Part of the training program is CEMEX’s Academy of Health and Work Safety, through which the company emphasizes the importance of health and safety. This aspect proved to be very important during this year’s pandemic when the company introduced as many as 52 protocols for health protection and safe behaviour. Additionally, salaries and employee benefits have not been reduced and there have been no layoffs due to the pandemic, and the company has implemented commendable initiatives to donate protective equipment and collect donations for educational and health institutions in the local community, reaffirming their commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. It is therefore not surprising that CEMEX is also the holder of the Excellence During Challenges recognition which SELECTIO awards to those companies that have demonstrated quality employee management even during the coronavirus pandemic.

“This year, it is especially important for us to protect our people, which includes protection against infection, but also the preservation of jobs. We strive to maintain uninterrupted business by applying the issued epidemiological measures, but also by applying our own, and we strive to be a good example during the pandemic. We are happy to have been able to help the communities in which we operate with donations of disinfectants and protective equipment, and we are especially proud of those initiatives that come directly from our employees.”, said Velimir Vilović, Director of CEMEX Hrvatska.

“At the very beginning of the pandemic, the Crisis Team was activated, which is dedicated to all aspects of health and safety of our employees, subcontractors and partners. Also, all our locations have Covid coordinators in charge of implementing the protection measures we have prescribed. This allows us to operate continuously, as well as that, under the influence of extraordinary circumstances, our other projects do not fall into the background. One of them is the program of rewarding exceptional results, another one in a series of incentives through we build the excellence of our people.”, added Mirela Kotarac, Head of Human Resources at CEMEX Hrvatska.

Current holders of the Employer Partner certificate