Atlantic Grupa: “To us, our employees come first”

SELECTIO awarded Atlantic Grupa with the Employer Partner certificate again this year, after an independent evaluation of their HR processes. Atlantic Grupa has held the status of Employer Partner since 2008, each year demonstrating their commitment to ensuring the satisfaction and well-being of their employees. In this year’s CEP certification, Atlantic Grupa once again achieved 99% of the points, which makes them stand out as the company with the highest rating in the region, in all markets in which they operate.

During this year’s evaluation process, the company stood out with numerous initiatives aimed at the development and well-being of all their employees. Because they are aware that the workplace is only one of the factors in the lives of their employees, in addition to private life, personal interests, desires and worldviews, Atlantic Grupa approaches employees holistically through the Be Well program. The program includes several aspects: Atlantic Body focused on health, through which employees have access to free health check-ups and subsidized sports activities, Atlantic Mind focused on mental health, various trainings and educations, Atlantic Soul aimed at promoting solidarity among employees, creativity and volunteering in the community, as well as Atlantic Spirit focused on the work-life balance, which includes flexible working hours and workplace, as well as the possibility of going on a sabbatical.

Given all the development opportunities offered in the company, it is not surprising that the employees showed high employee engagement rate in the last satisfaction survey. Some of the trainings that employees have the opportunity to attend are the Mini MBA program for young managers, Atlantic School program that includes a full range of developmental training (negotiation skills, effective communication, foreign language courses, basics of finance, well-being activities), as well as exchange programs during which employees can spend between a month and three months working on an another position. Also, given that employees in different professional and life periods are interested in different benefits, Atlantic Grupa gives them the opportunity to choose benefits tailored to their needs through the Flex Benefits program.

Additionally, Atlantic Grupa has recently become the holder of the Excellence During Challenges award, which has been established in April and been awarded to companies that have shown commitment to ensuring safety and employee satisfaction during the pandemic period. During this period, Atlantic Grupa has enabled work in safe conditions in a timely manner and provided the employees with all the necessary protective equipment and introduced quality preventive measures. Also, several support programs have been provided to employees and their families. Atlantic points out that they have successfully saved all jobs, which was one of their priorities from the beginning.

“Each year, we are open to share the way we manage Atlantic corporate culture, as well as all activities and processes aimed at our employees, with an independent team of experts. We are extremely glad that the quality is recognized outside the company, as evidenced by the CEP certificate. For the second time in a row, during the evaluation process we have achieved the highest results in the region and in all markets where we operate as a company. In addition to excellence, which we always strive for in everything we do, we believe that the basis of success is actually customer-orientation and providing the right solutions at the right time,” said Ivana Đorđević, Director of Excellence in Human Resources and Culture.

Current holders of the Employer Partner certificate