An Interview with Tanya Šplajt-Brainović, Human Resources Managing Director, Addiko Group

Our task as HR is to recognize, along with our management, what the organization and employees need to successfully do business and to provide a challenging and positive working environment. Such an employee profile is what we are looking for.

In short, career development within the organization:

On September 1st, 2017, I took over the duty of Human Resources Managing Director, Addiko Group, and I am responsible for developing an overarching HR strategy for all the countries in our Group: for Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro and the operational management of the Human Resources department for the Group, in Austria and Croatia.


Please list a few introductory information about your organization.

Addiko Bank, which since July, 2016, operates under this brand, systematically improves its business and provides its customers with quality service and a modern range of digital products. The past two years have been extremely successful for us and a significant business step has been taken, with above-average growth in key segments of Business with citizenship, and Small and medium-sized entrepreneurship.

At the same time, Addiko Bank has been declared “Best Bank in Croatia 2018” (The Banker) and “Best Retail Bank Croatia 2017” (Global Banking & Finance) in several international elections, and thanks to the introduction of unique digital services that directly meet the needs of clients, such as Addiko Chat Banking and the digital Express office, we have also been awarded the “Digital Takeover” recognition. Also, as the first Croatian bank, Addiko has also received the Customers Friend quality certificate, and recently the Employer Partner certificate.


Can you describe the vision and mission of your business and explain the way in which your employees contribute to their realization?

The vision and mission of Addiko Bank arise from our desire to provide clear, simple and direct banking. That means we are focused on the essentials, that we are efficient and that we communicate simply and act as one team. These are the values ​​that we practice externally with our clients and partners, and internally with our employees.

Every organization can only progress if it develops the potential of its employees. Informed, educated employees, employees that are eager to learn are the engine of each organization.

An integral part of Building a Great Place to Work, i.e., of the HR strategy of Addiko Bank is: Development of a new corporate culture through a system of values ​​and behaviors, Talent management and systematic career planning, as well as the development of potential key role holders; An Elaborate Remuneration System; Education system; and generally Continuous improvement of the HR processes.

I think that there is no evolution without evaluation, so it is important to regularly conduct the so-called “360° feedback” analysis that provides the person with an insight on how other people see them and on their virtues, as well as the room for improvement in the professional sense. We conducted this process and all Board members and directors participate in it.

We also implemented unified standards for measuring efficiency and defined the values and behaviors for all employees.

We conduct quarterly “NPS” research among our employees that give us a clear feedback on what is good, and what can or should be improved.

At the same time, we designed a new process of Talent management that enables a more quality identification of people with potential for a bigger or different future position, possible successors of the so-called key positions and development priorities.

It is important for us to collaborate with employees to build a corporate culture and organization that we can be proud of. Over the past two years, we have made a step forward in human resource management, as evidenced by a 17% increase in employee satisfaction and the fact that 79% of respondents consider Addiko Bank to be a desirable employer.

Our task as HR is to recognize, along with our management, what the organization and employees need to successfully do business and to provide a challenging and positive working environment. Such an employee profile is what we are looking for.


What can a person expect when coming to Addiko Bank? What does the onboarding process look like?

Talent is recognized by many criteria, but the most important ones are: the readiness and ability of a person to learn continuously, to quickly adapt to changes and matrix structures and to, accordingly, grow professionally.

In hiring, we are looking for people who know how to do their job, who are flexible and can fit into corporate culture and contribute with their positive attitude. I like to say: “we hire for attitude”.

If a candidate wants to work in a modern bank, in a fast and stimulating environment, if they want to learn and contribute, if they want to be able to perfect themselves according to their personal and professional development, then Addiko Bank is a great choice.

During onboarding, candidates undergo introductory trainings, get acquainted with our values, the way things function, processes and procedures, corporate goals and goals, which I find most important.


What do you think are the main motivators and impellers of satisfied employees and how do you ensure them in your employees’ work?

Each of us has the things that drive us, and the priorities of employees, naturally, change during their career; some find the salary important, others prioritize the satisfaction with the work they are doing, while to others the possibility of advancement is important, some want education, job security, additional benefits, development opportunities, a stimulating and comfortable work environment in accordance with personal values.

We are constantly building a unified system with clear rules and operating principles where every employee can find their place and see themselves progress personally and professionally.


As a company, you pay a lot of attention to promoting well-being of your employees. Can you tell us a bit more about the activities focused precisely on caring about your employees?

The balance between business and private life is extremely important, so our employees have an average of 25 days of vacation, parents of children that are starting elementary school get a day off on their first day of school, we give a wedding present, and we also organize a Family Day when employees can bring their children to work.

Employees have regular general medical examinations as well, and we also organize additional actions to preserve the health of our employees. So, in cooperation with Andrija Štampar Institute for Public Health, we organize Addiko Health Day that includes measuring blood pressure, blood sugar, body mass index, and giving employees advice on healthy living. We promote healthy life and physical activity through activities such as the Addiko Run & Walk or joint humanitarian actions.


Your company has a developed program of corporate volunteering, Addiko Cares. Can you tell us more about the program itself?

Employees, especially younger generations, find the feeling of contributing to the society very important, and one of the components of the Bank’s business is Addiko Cares corporate volunteering program, which is primarily aimed at helping children and young people, and as part of which we organize a dozen volunteer activities per year and in which 11% of employees actively participated. Activities vary from reading in hospitals, assisting homes for people with special needs, to arranging space and the environment of various institutions


Addiko Bank joined the Certificate Employer Partner project for the first time this year and successfully met the high standards of excellence in employee management. What do you recognize as the value of the Employer Partner certificate you have earned?

Employer Partner certificate is an independent and professional acknowledgment that we have made great progress in human resources management and we consider it as an incentive to be even better.


What are your plans for the following period?

In 2018, there were many areas that the Human Resources department focused on, starting with new leadership programs and functional education that started up within the Addiko Academy with the aim of improving specific skills and knowledge. Standardization of human resource management processes continued in the field of talent development and management skills, as well as in employment skills.

In the upcoming period, focus will be on further integrating ‘Values ​​and behaviors’ in everyday activities, accelerating cultural transformation and enhancing organizational efficiency through further implementation of the operational model and the development of leadership skills and talents to enable the development of employee skills.