An interview with Nataša Margetić Lukić, Human Resources Manager at Poslovna inteligencija

Our goal is to create a business environment in which employees can optimally fulfill their obligations and in which they can successfully balance their business, career and family.

In short, career development within the company:

I came to the position of Human Resources Manager in Poslovna inteligencija more than a year ago. Until then, I had been working for more than 12 years in human resources in trade and tourism. Poslovna inteligencija already had a lot of developed human resources processes before my arrival. With my arrival to the company, these processes were further perfected, we put the focus on working with employees, communication and rewarding quality work, and some practices that were well developed on paper were revived and implemented in practice.


Please list a few introductory information about Poslovna inteligencija.

Poslovna inteligencija is a Croatian IT company, founded in 2001. We are the leading company for implementing analytical and Big dana systems and strategic ICT consulting in southeastern Europe.

We have 110 employees in Croatia. The firm is present in Vienna, London, Ljubljana, Podgorica, Sarajevo and Beograd through companies in majority ownership.

Our expertise is based on the knowledge of business processes in many branches of business (telecommunications, banking, insurance, manufacturing, distribution and retail), methodology of implementation of analytical and Big data systems, and experience in implementing the world’s leading technologies in this field. We also developed expertise in the data privacy area and created our own product for managing  approvals for private data collection, „Data Privacy Manager“.


Can you describe the vision and mission of your business and explain the way that your employees contribute to their realization?

We want to be a market leader in Europe (and beyond) in the implementation of analytical and Big data systems. We provide our clients with the best possible service in the field of strategic consulting and implementation of intelligent information systems for support in business decision making, helping them to create new value and recognize business opportunities.

Since the company primarily deals with consulting, the most important resources of our company are our employees, their knowledge, values and motivation. That is why it is very important that communication within the company is quality and transparent and that everyone knows what their role and importance is in the team. Only quality work with people and investment in growth and development of all employees can support the achievement of the company’s long-term strategy.


Can you describe what a typical selection process looks like when hiring new employees in Poslovna inteligencija?

Our selection process starts by defining the expectations we have from the new employee and advertising the job vacancy. All applications are reviewed, and we invite the candidates who meet the required conditions to the first round of interviews. At the interview, the director of the department that is hiring and I are obligatorily present. If the candidate is a match when it comes to knowledge, character and values, we further test the candidates’ technical and professional knowledge and we test and evaluate their psychological profile and the profile of readiness for learning. Candidates who meet our criteria are invited to another interview and then we talk about the conditions.


What are the main motivational factors for employees in your industry, and why is Poslovna inteligencija appealing to experts from this field?

ICT is the fastest growing industry in the world, as well as in Croatia, and the demand for IT experts is high. The market is looking for an increasing number of IT specialists, and a part of the youth is deciding to permanently leave Croatia. In this situation, most IT companies are trying to keep their employees and attract new ones.

Even before this trend, we have provided our employees a lot of opportunities for realization both in business and in the non-business area. Every employee is approached in an individual manner, we get to know their needs and try to respond to them by enabling flexible work arrangements and the possibility of developing a career in the direction that everyone is satisfied with. So recently, one colleague moved to London and continued her career within our company Bird Consulting in London, another colleague has been living and working in Austria for a year now in our company in Vienna.

The social aspect of our company is also important to us and we organize team buildings and internal parties. For the children of our employees, we organize a day with moms and dads (PI Junior Day) and a party or reception around Christmas.

What is even more important than the described practices regarding social events is that we invest big budgets in employee education, but also in the education of our management, so that they can work better with our employees, because today we need leaders. We listen to our employees because, as Steve Jobs said: “We do not hire smart people to tell them what to do. We hire smart people to tell us what to do“.

From the very beginning, through cooperation with faculties, we employ young, smart people and, over the last five years through the BIRD Academy and the structured mentoring system, quickly introduce them with business and build their career in the direction that is satisfying to everyone.

Additionally, we work on interesting projects for large clients around the world, with modern technologies that enable employees to learn, grow, and develop.


As a company, you are focused on the health of employees in the workplace and on ensuring the balance of their private and business life. Can you tell us more about the initiatives you have?

Our goal is to create a business environment in which employees can optimally fulfill their obligations and in which they can successfully balance their business, career and family.

For years now, we have been providing our employees with the opportunities, and practicing, working from home and flexible work arrangements, which allows a better balance between business and private life.

The health of our employees is very important to us. We have a long-standing practice of general medical examinations and we actively encourage sport through various sports activities and through a game room where employees can relax even during the work day, by playing table tennis or table football, or similar.

Employees have the possibility of using 2 gyms in Zagreb, and a large number of our employees participates in various races as a team and proudly wear Poslovna inteligencija jerseys.

In our company’s premises, we organize exercise sessions once a week as part of the School of Healthy Backs because we are aware that the sedentary way of life reflects on our back first, and in the last two months our employees had the possibility to use back massages and neck massages in cooperation with the Slobodni maseri association. We also take care of our employees’ nutrition through the possibility of having healthy breakfasts and through the availability of fruits.

Once a week, we hold our Mindfulness workshops to help our employees learn to better manage their stress levels and cope with everyday challenges.


You invest a lot in the education of your employees. Which education do you invest the most in, and why?

We are aware that only educated employees, who are in line with the latest trends and technologies on the market, guarantee continuous growth and advancement of the company.

That is why we invest a lot in educating our employees. In addition to professional and technical training, certifications and conferences (both in and outside of Europe), we invest a lot in the development of soft skills of our employees, because for our business, as consultants, quality and professional communication is extremely important, as well as the ability to motivate others and ourselves, teamwork, conflict resolution and acceptance of changes.

We are also aware of the importance of quality leadership and therefore the management of the company attends a Leadership Academy that is held every 2 months and lasts 2 days, and all managers have completed NLP training, the practitioner degree.


Poslovna inteligencija joined the Employer Partner project for the first time this year and successfully met the high standards of excellence in employee management. Where do you recognize the value of the Certificate Employer Partner?

In Poslovna inteligencija, our employees are really the most important resource and we invest a lot of effort to provide our employees with the best practices in human resources. That is why we are very proud that, through the certification process, we got a confirmation that we are on the right track. We had a chance to review our processes in more detail and the suggestions for further improvement of our practices will be a very useful guideline for our further work.

Additionally, the Certificate gives us the confirmation that we are in the company of the best companies in Croatia that really care about their employees, which is a message we want to communicate to our employees and to the candidates on the labor market.


What are your plans for the following period?

So far, we have done a lot, but we still have room for development and improvement of human resources management practices. In the coming period, we plan to implement the suggestions we have received through the certification process and work on improving the categories in which we did not achieve the maximum number of points, so that next year we can be among the top 10 companies in the Republic of Croatia.