Addiko Bank Beograd the only bank in Serbia with the Employer Partner status

Addiko Bank a.d. Beograd has been awarded the Employer Partner certificate. The certification team particularly praised Addiko Bank’s management of recruitment and selection processes and their transparent employee remuneration system, as well as the good positioning of their human resources function, which participates in the company’s strategic planning and business decision-making. Addiko Bank is dedicated to developing and educating their employees, and so they stand out on the market with a high average number of training hours for their employees.

During the certification process, Addiko Bank also stood out with their initiatives for increasing employee satisfaction and creating the desired organizational culture in cooperation with their employees. Addiko Bank also works hard to ensure a balance between the employees’ private and professional lives. This is why the company organizes Family Day, a day when all employees can bring their children to work to participate in various activities through which they can learn more about banking and what their parents do. Additionally, employees can use the benefit of flexible working hours as well as get a day off for their birthday or for their children’s first day of primary school. Also, the company has a corporate volunteering program Addiko cares as part of which they organize volunteer activities throughout the year.

Vojislav Lazarević, CEO of Addiko Bank, and Marija Mijatović, Director of Human Resources Department, received the Employer Partner certificate from Aleksandar Zemunić, a member of the Board of SELECTIO.  

Improving human resources management is an integral part of Addiko Bank’s business development and corporate culture. I am proud that we have an image of a desirable employer and that we create an environment where employee satisfaction grows, and engagement and work performance come to the fore and have a positive impact on our business results. We see the Employer Partner certificate as a confirmation of the great progress we have made, but also as an incentive to be even better,” said Vojislav Lazarević, CEO of Addiko Bank.

Current holders of the Employer Partner certificate