SELECTIO Group (SELECTIO d.o.o., Selectio Solutions, Electus DGS for Temporary Employment) is a leading company in Croatia specializing in the field of human resources management. SELECTIO Group consists of several companies, each of which specializes in one segment of services in human resource management. The Group’s services are used by almost all leading companies in Croatia.

Our experience, size and strength allow us to provide our clients with a service specifically tailored to their needs.

SELECTIO d.o.o. is a leading consulting company focused on the field of human resource management, training and development, labor market development as well as finding and evaluating middle and senior management staff. The Agency also includes the Center for Human Resources Assessment, whose professionalism and quality of testing services have been recognized by numerous clients.

Proven results, excellent knowledge of the Croatian labor market, presence in all industrial sectors, ability to deliver and business ethics are the basic features of our approach to work.

Thanks to efficient recruitment, the highest quality selection methods, and the experience of our consultants, we are able to effectively identify the potential of candidates and find the highest quality solution for our client’s needs.

Human Resources Consulting Services

In human resource management consulting projects, we are constantly looking for new and flexible solutions for human resource development and organizational development management.

The Certificate Employer Partner is a structured certification process that assesses the quality of the human resource management function and suggests improvements in those areas where the company is below the industry or regional benchmark. The Certificate enables the measurement of the excellence of the management function as well as the improvement in the target areas. Holders of the Certificate are the employer of choice for the best employees on the market.

Assessment of individuals and teams assesses the potential of individuals (current level of certain competencies, and their potential and ambition for their development), and (in)efficiency of business processes and interpersonal relationships within the team. The assessment is performed using publicly available and internally developed psychometric instruments, the assessment center methodology as well as the direct involvement of the entire team or organization through the 360 ​​̊ methodology.

Organization and team development includes analysis or revision of organizational structure and job descriptions, training of managers in leading the team, definition of key performance indicators of organizational units or individuals, setting a framework for employee career development planning as well as a system for defining and retaining key talents. This is accompanied by the strengthening of the function of human resources manager to manage the new system.

Design and implementation of a human resource management system includes everything from an overview of the initial state, comparison with best practices in industry and companies of similar size and stage of development, as well as the definition and design of a human resource management system as a tool to achieve goals.

Design and revision of individual human resource management processes will contribute to the implementation of business strategy, in terms of systematically dealing with the problems of attracting and retaining staff, motivating them, managing their performance and effectively communicating and cascading business goals.

Management education and coaching in the implementation of the human resource management process aims to make every manager truly a top human resource manager.

Excellence during challenges is a project that offers organizations the opportunity to evaluate their practices of HR management during unforeseen circumstances in the following areas:

Agile HR

  • Strategic planning and work organization
  • Crisis communication
  • Physical health and safety of employees
  • Employee empowerment and well-being
  • Leadership in times of crisis
  • Technological and digital readiness

After the evaluation of their HR practices, the organization receives a structured overview of the organization’s status, benchmark comparison with other organizations on the market and suggestions for further enhancing their practices for management in unforeseen circumstances.

Organizations evaluated by the Excellence during challenges project methodology are also given the opportunity to share their employee management practices with other organizations, including through the SELECTIO MeetUp online platform for sharing knowledge and experiences in the field of employee management. In this way, they contribute to the development of HR practices particularly relevant during unpredictable circumstances on the market and sensitize the general public about their impact on employee satisfaction and well-being.

Excellence during challenges is simultaneously:

  • a methodology for assessing the development of practices of HR management in unpredictable circumstances and comparing them against the best global practices
  • a benchmark tool for comparison with other organizations on the market
  • a developmental tool that helps organizations improve their practices in order to care for their employees in a more quality way and to realize their business strategy successfully during unforeseen circumstances
  • a platform for promoting and sharing quality employee management practices

SELECTIO HR Academy is a professional development program intended for anyone who wants to develop in the field of human resource management. This program offers participants a wide range of practical, basic, and specific knowledge on how the HR function can contribute to business and which areas of business are a part of the HR function. Besides that, during the program you can learn what organizational processes can be standardized and in what way, as well as how to increase efficiency and effectiveness in human resource management.

SELECTIO Leadership Academy is a one-year long developmental and transformational group program that guides you through the process of change through 12 topics and develops the leadership skills needed to lead teams in the 21st century.

HR Days is an annual regional conference on human resources management organized from 2013 to 2017 by the MojPosao job portal and the SELECTIO company. As a professional sponsor, SELECTIO has also, since 2002 and for the next decade, connected domestic and foreign experts through the Human Resources Management Arena conference and brought the experiences and the latest knowledge closer to HR professionals in Croatia.

Temporary employment

Electus DGS d.o.o. is a company specializing in temporary employment services and flexible employment solutions, as well as employment counseling for temporary staff. Electus DGS offers a variety of solutions in the field of temporary employment and enables rapid adjustment in project employment, in order to enable flexibility and adaptation to market requirements. In Electus DGS they are able to reach interested, motivated and professional staff for numerous administrative and specialist jobs in various industries such as telecommunications and IT, banking and finance, retail and wholesale of consumer goods, tourism, manufacturing and many others.