SELECTIO Group (SELECTIO Ltd., Electus Human Resources Ltd., Electus DGS Ltd. for temporary employment) is the leading group in human resources management on our market. The services provided by the Group are used by most of the major companies in Croatia.

Our experience, size and strength enable us to provide the best service to our clients at any time, completely tailored to their needs.

SELECTIO Ltd. is the leading company specialized in in strategic human resources consulting and executive search in Croatia.

While providing Human Resources Consulting services we constantly seek new and flexible solutions for Human Resources development and management of organizational development.

Proven results, excellent understanding of Croatian labour market, presence in all segments and industries, efficiency of delivery and business ethics are the main qualities of our approach to business.

Electus Human Resources Ltd. is a company specialized for personnel search for the “massive” labour market segment: administrative and specialist positions and line management. Thanks to effective recruitment, selection methods of the highest quality and specialized experience of our consultants, we can efficiently recognize candidates’ potential and find the best solution for clients’ needs.

Human Resources Consulting Services

The Certificate Employer Partner is a structured certification process which assesses the quality of human resources management and suggests improvements in those areas where the company is below industry or regional average. The Certificate enables companies to evaluate the excellence of the human resources function and offers improvements in targeted areas. In addition, the bearers of the Certificate impose themselves as the employer of choice to the best candidates on the labour market.

Individual and team assessment assesses the potential of individuals (current level of needed competences, potential and ambitions for his/her growth) and identifies inefficient business processes and poor interpersonal relationships within the team. Assessment is conducted by accredited consultants, using certified ® Belbin Team Roles methodology, all publicly available and internally developed psychological instruments, methodology of assessment centre and direct involvement of the whole team or an organization through 360̊ methodology.

Organization and team development includes analysis or revision of organizational structure and job descriptions, education of the Management with regard to people management, determining key success indicators for organizational units or individuals, setting the framework for planning employee career development, key talents recognition system and their retention, accompanied by the strengthening of Human Resources Manager position to manage the new system.

Human resources management design and implementation includes everything from the initial analysis, gap analysis and comparison of current situation to best practices in industry and companies of similar size and development level, to human resources strategy definition and design as a supporting tool in achieving company’s strategic goals.

Human resources management processes design and revision which will contribute to business strategy implementation in terms of systematic confrontation with employee attraction and retention issues, their motivation, performance management, efficient communication and cascading business goals.

Management development and coaching in human resources management with the goal that every manager becomes a top-quality human resources manager.

Project QHR – Through our project Employer Partner Certificate we recognized that small and medium enterprises need a simpler and more flexible approach to human resource management and developing successful HRM practices. Our goal is to support human resource management development that addresses specific needs and problems of growing enterprises, in the pace and at prices that are adapted to them. Therefore we initiated QHR – a method through which small and medium enterprises are able to diagnose their strengths and weaknesses in human resource management and apply specific and practical developmental packages to develop important functions.

Education and conferences

SELECTIO HR Academy is professional development programme for those who want to learn more about human resources management. This programme offers a wide range of practical, basic and specialist knowledge about the way that HR function contributes to business, management areas that are part of HR function, processes that can be standardised and automated and the methods to achieve it, and the way that the HR function can increase its efficiency and effectiveness.

HR Days is annual regional conference in the field of human resource management that MojPosao and SELECTIO first organized in March 2013. HR Days in one place brings together local and international experts/lecturers, talks about current topics in various areas of human resources, as well as news and ideas from local and foreign companies. It also provides insight into the actual events within the community of human resources experts in Croatia and the region, and enables knowledge exchange among colleagues.

Temporary employment

Electus DGS Ltd. is a company specialised in temporary employment services, flexible employment solutions and consulting in temporary staff employment. Electus DGS offers versatile solutions in temporary employment segment and enables maximal flexibility to its clients and adjustment to the market’s requirements. Electus DGS is able to, within a very short time period, find interested, motivated and expert staff for numerous administrative and specialist positions in different industries such as telecommunications and IT industry, banking and finance, retail and whole sale of FMCG, tourism, production and many others.