Code of Ethics in relationship with clients

SELECTIO Group is specialized in executive search and human resources consulting. We have rapidly secured a solid market position and achieved remarkable results through professional – specialized and ethical – approach and effective delivery. Respecting ethical and moral values, abilities, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of each team member, we have built a professional firm with high business standards. The code of ethics represents guidelines that guide us in our business, ensuring high quality standards in providing services to our clients.

Relationship with clients

SELECTIO Ltd. has a license from the Ministry of Labour and Social Care for procurement in employment. This includes the use of expert methods in the selection of personnel.

  • The basis of our success is partnership with the client. This partnership is based on trust, responsibility and cooperation of both parties in the employment process.
  • Individual approach, discretion, promptness and flexibility are the foundations of our business.
  • To avoid misunderstandings during the recruitment and selection process, we keep detailed written documentation.
  • During the first meeting, before officially taking on a project, we introduce the client to our business methods and also try to get as much information as possible about the client, his business and needs.
  • We provide the client with objective information about the availability of resources, time needed to complete the project and our knowledge and expertise in the specific field.
  • It is our practice to accept only those projects which we can complete, i.e. those that we evaluate as useful to our clients.
  • After the meeting, we draft a Project Proposal including description of search process, project terms and conditions. The cost of the project depends upon the complexity of the requirement, pursuant to our price list.
  • Together with the client we define the key issues in the evaluation of candidates and which information about the company and position we are allowed to disclose to the candidates. We also train the clients in defining necessary requirements for a certain position and defining the desired characteristics of candidates.
  • Once we have specified the project and defined desired candidate’s profile, we begin the search by using various recruiting methods and instruments (browsing our database and public CV databases, head-hunting, gathering information with the help of the existing contacts network, market research, advertising through various media, alternative methods).
  • During the selection process, we use all professional methods for personnel selection (structured interview, psychological testing, checking candidate’s references, etc.).
  • As a result of our search, we present to the client profiles of those candidates whom we think would fit well into the company and successfully perform the job. We present the information about the candidates to the client in an open manner, substantiating the facts.
  • At the very beginning of the project we inform the client about project team members. During the project, the client is assigned a contact person to whom he/she can turn to if he/she wants information about the actual process or employment in general.
  • We cooperate with the client during the entire process, informing him/her on the status of each particular phase.
  • If we encounter certain problems during the selection, we duly inform the client about it and try to come up with an alternative solution.
  • We assist our client in the final negotiations with candidates, giving the client advice based on our experience. After the selection process is over and the best candidate employed, we usually monitor the advancement of the selected candidate and satisfaction of the client with his work.
  • If the employment of the selected candidate was terminated inside the guarantee period – regardless of whether he was discharged by the client or resigned himself – from the day the candidate was employed or entered into legal relation with the intention of employment, SELECTIO repeats the recruitment and selection process free of charge.
  • SELECTIO guarantees its clients discretion and information privacy. Private information that SELECTIO receives from the client shall not be used for purposes other than those required for the execution of the project. The information is available only to the project team working for the client.
  • The client and SELECTIO have the right to terminate cooperation if and when the other party fails to comply with the Agreement.
  • Candidates whom we placed with a client of ours will not be taken into consideration for any other projects, nor would we recommend them to other clients.
  • We are well networked into the business world and are constantly informed about current events on the labour market and thereby help our clients to have access to the best candidates.
  • SELECTIO respects and applies legal regulations, thereby ensuring legality of its business and operations, in accordance to business reputation and market position of SELECTIO Group.