AbbVie winner of acknowledgement for quality human resources management!

Pharmaceutical company AbbVie has confirmed their Employer Partner status in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia by participating in the evaluation process in which the expert tripartite team recognized its human resources management processes as excellent on all three mentioned markets in five major areas – in the areas of Strategy, Recruitment and Selection, Performance Management, Training and Development and Employee Relations.

Overall, AbbVie achieved 93% of the total possible points in that evaluation process in each of the markets mentioned above, and the expert team highly praised their recruitment and selection processes that ensure impartiality and equality of opportunities for all their job candidates.

In addition, during the evaluation process AbbVie’s approach to training and development of their employees was particularly highlighted. For each employee, AbbVie identifies the areas in which further development is desirable, and, accordingly, provides high-quality internal and external education so that every employee can reach their full potential.

AbbVie continuously encourages their employees to use two-way and open communication with all management levels, as well as to provide suggestions for further improvement and development of their work conditions,  and therefore often conducts surveys in which their satisfaction is measured.

A quality relationship with employees is a significant part of Abbvie Culture, and the Employer Partner project offered us a detailed analysis of our approach to this crucial issue. With great pleasure, we can say that the final grade is extremely high and more than satisfactory. Although this recognition is significant to us, it is also one kind of obligation to ourselves to maintain a high level of employee retention in the future. We look forward to this challenge and will try to justify this certification​“, noted Ljubiša Mitof-Višurski, General Manager Abbvie Adria.

Dario Nenadić, Country Manager Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro, said while accepting the Certificate: “It is my great pleasure to receive this certificate on behalf of AbbVie Bosnia and Herzegovina and I thank the whole Employer Partner project team for this significant acknowledgment and a kind of confirmation that we are doing a good job. We are proud of the result achieved and the fact that our company’s business principles are recognized as being partner-like. We are striving and will continue to strive to invest the maximum possible resources in the development of all of our employees“.