A1 Hrvatska rewarded for excellence in human resources management – they confirmed the Employer Partner status again!

Year after year, A1 Hrvatska proves its commitment to quality in human resources management, and so this year the company confirmed their Employer Partner status again, after the analysis and assessment of their HR processes within the project Certificate Employer Partner.

A1 has shown that they continue developing innovative human resources management practices in line with employee needs and demanding market conditions. A1 has recognized the need to harmonize practices with new technologies and they are successfully continuing the digital transformation, and so in the certification process, the continuation of development of the digital and of the leadership competencies model was particularly praised, as well as the continuation of the digital academy and the digitalization of the human resources management processes in general.

A1 continuously invests in employee welfare and new forms of monetary and non-monetary incentives have been introduced, as well as new forms of flexible work arrangements that meet the needs of employees. To support the balance between the private and the business life of employees, A1 continues with the excellent practice of organizing kindergarten for the employees’ children. The company also stands out with various programs for supporting health and the healthy lifestyle, and social events for employees, their families and children are also continuously organized and are well-received among employees.

In the company, a particular emphasis is placed on education of employees and, accordingly, the assortment of educations for all employees has been expanded, especially in the direction of development of digital and leadership competencies. Also, the development of talents continued being carried out, so the talent education program was further expanded in accordance with the best practices and global trends.

Marina Morić, Head of Human Resources at A1 Hrvatska, received the Employer Partner certificate from Aleksandar Zemunić, Member of the Management Board of SELECTIO.

We are proud of another recognition for excellence in human resources management. Benefits in the form of educations, development of competencies and the introduction of flexible work arrangements have been introduced due to the need for business development of the company, as well as due to the employee requirements. We are aware that we must increasingly go towards an individual approach to benefits, rather than towards a general approach, and we will continue to include employees in creating measures and processes.“, noted Marina Morić, Head of Human Resources at A1 Hrvatska.