7th Croatian Career Day

7th Croatian Career Day was held on the 6th of November 2008 at Bocarski dom, Zagreb, with the support of portal MojPosao.

Following attendees attended the opening ceremony, held at 12 P.M.: in the name of the organizer, Vedran Bajer – Member of the Board Tau on-line d.o.o. (MojPosao), on behalf of sponsors, Monique Peters – President of the Board of Karlovacka brewery and from the Ministry of Economy, Labor and Entrepreneurship, Miljenko Pavlakovic – the National Secretary for Finance and Merchandise stocks, from the City of Zagreb, Ljiljana Kuhta Jelincic – the Vice Mayor, from the Ministry of Science, Education and Sport, Radovan Fuchs – National Secretary for high education, international cooperation and European integrations and from the University in Zagreb, Ljiljana Pinter – Provost for studies and qualities managing.

Vedran Bajer has said for this occasion and in the name of organizer:

„Regardless of the positive trends of decreasing of unemployment in last years in the Republic of Croatia, young people are still coping with different barriers on the early beginning of their careers – according to HZZ figures, the rate of unemployed young people in September this year was 16,9 per cent. In order to contribute to easier employment of young people, MojPosao has, for the seventh time, organized Career Day. This unique and already traditional manifestation, enables young to make direct contact with employers and to get introduced with their demands for employees and their employment methods.“

The Career Day, manifestation which conjoins science and economy, this time had gathered 59 drawers which, in pursuit for potential employees, have presented themselves to the visitors. The Career day is the biggest business fair of this kind in Croatia. So far, on already held fairs participated more than 160 Croatian and foreign companies and each was visited by around 6000 young people. Companies which participate on the Career Day base their future development and success, among others, on employment of young, high educated candidates with who in this way come into contact. The Career Day enables companies with faster and easier way of recruitment and also makes possible accent of desirable employers’ qualities. Great number of young employees of occupations and faculties diplomas visit the fair is visited. Until now, through Career Day more than 500 young people were employed.

Monique Peters, The President of the Board of Karlovacka Brewery, has said in the name of sponsors:

„Karlovacka Brewery is the proud general sponsor of the 7th Croatian Career Day. Brewering is a dynamic industry that is developing fast and its people are the key element for success in the competitive environment in which it does business. Therefore we constantly invest in the development of our employees. On the Career Day we want to exchange opinions with the young people about their expectations on behalf of careers and to show them opportunities for accomplishing careers in Karlovacka Brewer – international company with more than 150 years long tradition which is successfully joined with the best practices of the leading European brewer Heineken.“

On the behalf of the Government of the Republic of Croatia, National Secretary for Finance and Merchandise stocks, Miljenko Pavlakovic pointed out that connecting young people with employers of leading companies in Croatia is the best way to strengthen competitiveness of Croatian economy.

During the day, young people can hand out their resumes to companies from different sectors of economy, directly inquire what their possibilities of employment are, and many of them on that Career Day had their first interviews with potential employers. Since the fair is intended to young people from all Croatia, and wider, in Bocarski dom during the day arrived 13 buses from Rijeka, Pula, Zadar, Split, Osijek, Varazdin, Sarajevo and Banja Luka.

In order to search for appropriate employment easier, specialized workshops had been organized on which potential employees had the opportunity to learn how to professionally write their resumes, how to prepare for the interview and what the employers seek for in potential candidates for work.

As part of Career Day round table on the theme „Which employee makes the Bologne process?“ was held. Since this year first generation of bachelors, arrived on the labor market participants of round table examined compatibility of educational programs and economy. Their attitudes and experiences shared representatives of economy: Darko Lackovic – Specialist for development of Human Resoureces in Zagrebacka Banka, Dijana Klekar – Director for Human Resources in Karlovacka pivovara, Ana Jozinec – Executive Director of Human Resources in Atlantic Group and Tanja Prekodravac – Specialist for Human Resources/The Head of projects in SELECTIO Group in the role of round table’s moderator and representatives of educational institutions: Damir Markucic – President of the Committee for following of Bologne process and Ozren Jurekovic – Chief Director of associate-degree college Vern. The purpose of the round table was to determine the employment opportunities for bachelors and what are their advantages and disadvantages in relation to previous graduated experts.

The Career Day is held twice a year, in spring and autumn, and it is the only manifestation of this kind on national level. It is visited by young people from all parts of Croatia which enables and facilitates companies that have branches in other parts of the country to reach to potential employees.

More information on Career Day you can find here.