7th Annual Human Recourse Management Arena

How to motivate, develop and retain employees

More than 120 participants gathered at 7th Human Resource Management Arena (HRMA) at Westin hotel, Zagreb.

Gathered local and foreign experts in human resources have exchanged their gained experiences and new knowledge form seven fields that ultimately make human resource management.

Fight for talents

At the opening of the two days conference the president of the European Association for Human Resource Management Rudolf Thurner has presented the study “The future of human resources in Europe – key challenges in the period up to 2015.” , in which 1.355 managers from 27 European countries have shared their opinion on 17 themes. Mr. Thurner emphasized reached conclusion – on the today’s competitive global market fight for talents with expertise has already started.

Mr. Thurner has said: “Key assignment for Human Resource Managers is to work on the development of employees and on retaining professionals”. He also added that there are changes happening in the field of human resources, especially because of the migration of qualified work force.

Senior Manager at Deloitte, Krešimir Seèek, in the lecture “People, driving force of the organizational development” points out the key problem of today’s companies – how to motivate, develop and retain employees while Arthuro Heller, Manager at Deloitte, concludes that all employees must be familiar with the company’s mission and vision and human resource managers have to set clear goals for all employees but also clear criteria for assessments of the employees.

Managers’ contracts

“Influence of HRM practice improvement on the managers’ role” was the topic of the joint presentation of SELECTIO’s Executive Director Vera Èubraniæ and GISDATA’s President of the Management Board Boran Lonèariæ. They have emphasized the importance of human resource management department especially in the organization of knowledge transfer in fast growing companies. “When I share knowledge them I am worthy. When I retain knowledge then I am less worthy”, Lonèariæ concluded.

Ana Jožinec, Executive Human Resources Director at Atlantic Grupa has noticed the importance of: setting the company’s business plan, estimation of needs for resources and defining of roles and responsibilities in the company.

In the section about contracts and rewards, Krešimir Rožman, Labour Law Expert, has talked about managers’ contracts, term which doesn’t exist in the Commercial Law while Gordana Picek, dm-drogerie market’s Member of the Board responsible for human resources has explained the difference and importance of material and non material rewards in dm.

Alan Žepec, Executive Coach, has emphasized the importance of personal development while Executive Coach Tatjana Divjak has talked about the concept of “Coaching”.

The conference was organized by Infoarena with the sponsorship of the SELECTIO Company. The second day of the conference the main themes were relating to the education, development and corporate culture. (A.T.)