Valoviti papir Dunapack awarded the Employer Partner certificate

The Employer Partner certificate was awarded to the company Valoviti papir Dunapack d.o.o., a member of the Prinzhorn Group.

Dunapack has been a part of this project for three years and in this year’s certification process, compared to the previous year, achieved a higher result in all 5 evaluated areas, which is an impressive success and proof of commitment to continuous improvement of HR systems within the company.

At Dunapack, they make great efforts to enable the development of their employees. For example, all Dunapack employees have the opportunity to participate in educational programs such as seminars, conferences, long-term training, English language learning, internal training, group training and team-building programs. Through targeted and meaningful programs, employees transfer their knowledge and skills to each other, which is at the same time a motivation for everyone to continue with lifelong learning. In March this year, a platform was implemented which further digitized HR processes, and through which employees can access online educational content that will be further upgraded in the future.

The company strives to listen to the needs of its employees, so every year an employee satisfaction survey is conducted, and based on the results obtained, action plans are implemented to further improve areas where it is recognized that there is room for additional growth. Also, as an integral part of onboarding employees to the organization, onboarding  interviews are conducted with new employees to support them in integrating into the work environment, but also to get feedback from them on the process of onboarding, which is then used to further improve this process.

“It is a great honor to be in the company of companies that have excellent human resource management practices. The Employer Partner certificate gives us an incentive to continuously improve HR processes and opportunities for our employees. Thus, this year, HR software was implemented at the level of the Prinzhorn Group, where the application of digital HR tools will speed up certain HR processes, with a reduction in administrative work and a greater commitment to the care and development of employees. In the end, I take this opportunity to thank all employees for their great commitment and readiness for change in this challenging year, without which we would certainly not be where we are“, said Sanja Miketić – Curman, Head of Human Resources at Dunapack.

Holders of the Employer Partner Certificate