2 new Employer Partners

The companies Tele2 Ltd. and Sunce Concern d.d. have become the Employer Partner during the November of 2008.

Due to present 28, two new companies have reached the status of the Employer Partner Certificate holders. The Employer Partner Certificate, the certificate for the excellence in managing of human resources has been awarded to the following companies, that is to its representatives:

  • Tele2 Ltd.
  • Sunce Concern d.d.

Mirta Salamon, the Head of the Human Resources and General Business, Tele2 Ltd. at this occasion has noticed:

“To the process of certification we had approached because of comparison with other companies and with the best practices and standards of quality in the field of managing of the human resources. These screening has enable us with the detail analysis of the current position and gave us valuable advices and guidelines how to improve every of these assessed fields. The additional reason for getting the Certificate is certainly its reputation, and with these Tele2 is confirming like the desirable employer which will also in the future attract quality employees. The Certificate is definitely the recognition and confirmation of our former work, however, we want, can and will yet be better, that is like one of guidelines of our corporate values says, we are «Proud, but never satisfied».”

ImageDuring the awarding, Marija Kalinic, the Director of the Division of managing of the Human Resources in Sunce Concern, said:

“In members of the Sunce concern (the Hotel Alan Ltd. Starigrad Paklenica, hotels Brela Ltd., hotels Tucepi and Zlatni rat Ltd. Bol) has always existing the awareness of the importance of the human work in creating and giving of the excellent hotels and gastronomy service, that is, we believe, one of the most important reason of our success and long duration on the demanding market. This year, in fact, our Zlatni rat celebrates 60 years of work, hotels Brela – 56 years, hotels Tucepi – 55 years and hotels Alan – 40 years. From the announcement of business on the brand bluesun hotels &resorts in 2005 year, in Sunce Concern we intensively work on the development and implementation of the contemporary system for managing of the human resources like as selection system, system of competences, the educational system, the system of managing of working performance, the internal coaching and the system of the development of the management. The process of getting the Certificate Employer Partner, for us prior represents the return information of the profession about till now performed in that, for us so important, the segment of business. Considering that these project gathers the top Croatian companies, for us it is also important the comparison for the best practice in the field of managing of the human resources in Croatia. In that effect just getting the Certificate we consider like great recognition, and we are assured that our employees, as well as our business partners will recognize the value of this award.”

The project holders are SELECTIO, the leading Croatian Human Resources Management Company and MojPosao (www.MojPosao.net). There are also inside and outside consultants from the Human Resources area who are involved in the ongoing development of the project, its methodology and Human Resources management practice on the Croatian market.

Some of the most successful Croatian organizations are Certificate holders, such as: Atlantic Grupa, Avon kozmetika, BELUPO lijekovi i kozmetika, Carlsberg Croatia, Chromos boje i lakovi, Coca-Cola Beverages Hrvatska, Coca-Cola HBC B-H, DALMACIJACEMENT, Erste & Steiermärkische S-Leasing, Gradski parking d.o.o. Sibenik, HBOR, Hrvatska Lutrija, Istraturist Umag, Jamnica, Johnson & Johnson S.E., Koncar – Elektronika i informatika, Ledo, Microsoft Hrvatska, Milenij hoteli, Orbico, PBZ Card, Solaris, SOS-DJECJE SELO HRVATSKA, Sunce Koncern, Tele2, Valamar hoteli i ljetovalista, Vipnet, Volksbank, Zagrebacka banka and Zvijezda.

For all additional information, please call 01 6065 415 or visit Certifikat@PoslodavacPartner.org